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These are the terms and conditions for the one-man business Language-World, established in Maasmechelen, Belgium.

Article 1 - Customer and agreement

In these terms and conditions, "customer" means the person, firm or company for whom Language-World is carrying out the translation service, proofreading service or other mutually agreed task. "Agreement" refers to the agreement by means of which Language-World commits itself to performing aforesaid remunerated tasks according to the needs of the customer.

Article 2 - Applicability of the terms and conditions

These conditions apply to every offer and every agreement between Language-World and a customer.

Article 3 - Giving quotes and coming to an agreement

All offers and estimates, in whatever form they are made, are made without any obligations, unless the contrary has been expressly determined. All offers are valid for 14 days. After Language-World and the customer have come to an agreement, which has been effected by the customer’s written acceptance of Language-World’s quote or offer, the customer is obliged to pay the amount specified in the agreement.

Article 4 - Modifications

If, after the effectuation of an agreement, the customer should modify the task in a way that Language-World considers to be not insignificant, Language-World is legally entitled to adjust the deadline and/or the fee, or indeed to refuse the task altogether.

Article 5 - Execution of tasks and confidentiality

Language-World promises to ensure that all work is carried out by a capable employee. Language-World shall treat all information made available by the customer in the strictest confidentiality.

Article 6 - Intellectual property rights

Language-World retains the intellectual property rights and copyright of the translations and other texts created by Language-World, unless the contrary has been expressly agreed in writing. The customer shall free Language-World from third-party liability for any proven infringement of the rights of property, patents, copyright or any other intellectual property rights as regards the execution of the agreement.

Article 7 - Termination

Should the customer not discharge his obligations, for instance in the case of bankruptcy, suspension of payments or liquidation of the customer’s firm, Language-World shall be entitled to terminate the agreement wholly or partially, or to postpone completion of the task, without any obligation to compensate the customer. In the case of completion being postponed, Language-World can claim its dues immediately.

Article 8 - Complaints and disputes

The customer shall make complaints concerning the deliverable known as quickly as possible, and shall declare them in writing within at most 3 working days from the date of delivery. Language-World shall then examine the complaint carefully and shall make any corrections that Language-World considers necessary.
The customer’s right to complaint becomes void if the customer has edited the deliverable or has had it edited by a third party.

Article 9 - Deadline and delivery period

The agreed delivery deadline is the final deadline for deliverance. Language-World is obligated to inform the customer immediately, should it become clear that the deadline can not be met. Should the deadline be overstepped by more than one week, for any other reason than force majeure, the customer shall have the right to terminate the contract. Language-World does not have to pay the customer for anything because of the termination of the contract.

Article 10 - Method of delivery

Language-World and the customer shall jointly determine the method of delivery of the completed tasks. If this involves floppy disks or e-mail, Language-World shall never be held responsible for any damage proceeding from the use of the disks provided by Language-World or from opening an e-mail attachment. Neither is Language-World responsible for damages (for instance a virus) caused by Language-World’s modem. If the work is to be delivered by post, Language-World is entitled to include postage and administration costs in the price charged.

Article 11 - Basic fees and payment

The basic Language-World fee is based on a rate per word, in euro. For services other than translation, the basic fee is worked out from a rate per hour, in euro. Besides the basic fee, Language-World can calculate the surcharges incurred by the execution of the task. The basic fee excludes Belgian VAT, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Invoices should be paid within at most 30 days from the invoicing date, in the currency specified on the invoice. After the 30-day deadline has elapsed, the customer is in default immediately and without further notice, in which case the customer must repay both the invoiced amount and the lawful interest on it up until payment is made in full.

Article 12 - Disclaimer

Language-World will not accept any responsibility for any damage resulting from fulfilling the agreement. Language-World is not responsible for damage or loss of any documents, information or data carriers placed at its disposal for the purposes of fulfilling the agreement. The customer is obligated to free Language-World from any third-party liability resulting from the use of the deliverable.

Article 13 - Force majeure

The term "force majeure" is used in these terms and conditions, besides its juridical meaning, to refer to all events originating outside Language-World, whether foreseen or unforeseen, upon which Language-World can exert no influence but which cause Language-World to be unable to fulfill its obligations. These include, but are not limited to, fire, accident, illness, strikes, riots, war, and orders from the authorities, and hindrances to transport. During force majeure, the obligations of Language-World shall be postponed. Should the period during which Language-World is unable to fulfill its obligations for reasons of force majeure extend for longer than two months, both parties shall be entitled to terminate the agreement without obligation. If at the beginning of the force majeure, Language-World has already partly fulfilled its obligations, or will only be able to partially fulfill its obligations, Language-World is entitled to invoice that which has already been completed. The customer is obligated to settle this invoice as if it were a separate agreement.

Article 14 - Appropriate law

The legal relationship between the customer and Language-World is subject to the Belgian law.

Article 15 - Registration

Language-World is registered in Belgium as a one-man business under the following number: 0866.135.269

Article 16 - Terms and conditions

Once Language-World and the customer have entered into an agreement, both parties are obligated to adhere to the conditions, as laid out in the previous articles. When entering into an agreement, it is assumed that the customer is fully aware of and in agreement with the terms and conditions, as laid out in this document.