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At the beginning of 2004, Language-World was created by Philippe Oubelhaj. After first having worked for a number of years as a translator for the Belgian government (Ministry of Interior Affairs), he decided to start working as a freelance translator in 2004.

You can come to us in case you need expert translations of brochures, catalogues, websites, manuals, correspondence, documents, online-projects and all other texts which have to be translated.
A good translator is indeed indispensable. He or she has a thorough command of the source language of the document and is an experienced and well-trained writer in his or her native language. A good translator has a large vocabulary, knows the subtleties of the grammar, and knows which style is best used. In addition to this, a translator knows how a text appeals to the right public. He or she has a broad general knowledge and is specialised in a number of fields and knows what you are talking about. This way, your message will definitely come across well!
You can also contact Language-World for correction work and editing.